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Geo-Shrink® Heat Shrink Sleeving

for unconsolidated/friable reservoir sediment core analysis

Adtech Geo-Shrink® sleeving is made from special fluoropolymers, which were developed over 12 years ago and have gained acceptance with a wide circle of core analysis contractors, oil company exploration and production research laboratories.

for unconsolidated/friable reservoir sediment core analysis

Geo-Shrink® is primarily a mounting aid for weak formations, but due to its wide size range availability (1" to 6") it can be used as a versatile test jacket for advanced rock mechanics testing.

  • Can be shrunk onto frozen, punched and standard core plugs
  • Temperature stable in live crude and reservoir brine to 200 °C
  • Relatively low shrinkage temperature
  • Completely unaffected by simulation brine
  • Stable specific gravity
  • Transparent
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Available in 0.25mm and 0.5mm thickness
  • Custom sizes and lengths available

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Geo-Shrink® Standard Heat Shrink

Nominal Core Dia.


Order Code

Internal Diameter as supplied


Fully Recovered

ID mm

Fully Recovered Wall

Thickness mm

1" GFS23 31 23 0.50
1.5" GFS32 43 32 0.50
2" GFS46 62 46 0.50
2.5" GFS56 76 56 0.50

3 - 3.5"

GFS65 80 65 0.50
4 - 4.5" GFS95 115 95 0.50
5.25" GFS113 150 115 0.70
6" GFS125 160 115 0.70


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When the end-faces of plugs are protected with a combination of fine and course stainless steel screens and retained by GEOSHRINK®, the resultant assembly can be safely subjected to extensive solvent extraction, drying and subsequent core analysis in a series of increasing complexity.