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Tedlar® Gas Sample Bags

for gas, odour, and automotive emission sampling for VOC's.

Tedlar® film is tougher and more economical than FEP, and is commonly used in vehicle emission testing.

Human breath bag made from crinkled Tedlar® film for gas, odour, and automotive emission sampling for VOC's.
  • No contamination of gas sample
  • Easily cleaned for re-use by gas flushing
  • Very low permeation of gases through the wall of the gas sample bags
  • Range of inert connectors for ease of use
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Special designs for unusual requirements
  • Large capacity chambers
  • Internal manifolds if required

The range of PTFE and Polypropylene connectors offered suit most applications, however, we can also apply custom free issue connectors if required.

Larger multiple use Tedlar® bags are often specified with internal FEP scavenger pipes to ensure complete evacuation of gases before re-using the bag.

Still not sure if these are the right gas sample bags for your application?  Then contact our customer service team on +44 (0) 1285 762000 or sales@adtech.co.uk.

Case Study - Large capacity gas sample bags required for a large scale VOC testing project.

We have recently supplied Tedlar® bags for VOC testing of in-cabin automotive components.  These needed to be tested for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and carbonyl traces at elevated temperatures.

The customers wish list was:

  • A large capacity gas sample bag suitable for VOC testing.
  • The gas sample bag needed to be open on three sides, so the components to be tested could easily be inserted.
  • The customer needed the ability to seal the gas sample bag once the components were inside.
  • The gas sample bag needed to large enough and robust enough for re-use.
  • The gas sample bag needed to be suitable for temperature cycling.


The design of the bag, material choice, orientation of the PTFE connectors and the closure mechanism was decided between Adtech and the customer, to ensure the sample bag was easy to handle and that only minimal stress was applied to the bag around the connectors, as the sample was to be taken.

It was agreed that Tedlar® film in 50 micron would be the best choice for this application as the film is robust, has a working temperature range of -70 °C to +107 °C and is already widely used for testing of VOC's.

Tedlar® film contains no plasticisers so it has excellent aging properties and remains tough and flexible over a broad temperature range.

Using our specialist welding equipment, which has been designed to weld long lengths of material, we were able to weld several sections of 50 micron Tedlar® film into large sheets.  Which enabled us to produce Tedlar® gas sample bags that measured 2500mm x 2500mm. 

Due to it's inertness FEP tubing was selected for transferring the sample from the large gas sample bag into smaller capacity Tedlar® gas bags, so that the sample could be transported for testing.

Standard Tedlar® Gas Sample Bag Sizes

Manufactured from 50 micron film.

Capacity Size Capacity Size
3 litre 250 x 250 mm 75 litre 600 x 1000 mm
5 litre 300 x 300 mm 100 litre 600 x 1200 mm
10 litre 300 x 500 mm 175 litre 750 x 1500 mm
20 litre 450 x 450 mm 200 litre 1000 x 1000 mm
50 litre 600 x 600 mm 300 litre 1000 x 1500 mm
60 litre 600 x 900 mm    

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The standard thickness of film offered from stock is 50 micron. We are able to offer crinkle effect Tedlar® film for use in applications where a fast evacuation of the gas sample bag is required, without needing to use an inner FEP manifold.

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