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Fluoroplastic Gas Sampling Bags

Welded from FEP, PVDF or Tedlar® Film

Gas sampling bags from the Adtech range are designed and manufactured for critical environmental applications where contamination of either the bag or content must be kept to a minimum. Single or multiple-use designs are available.

Welded from FEP, PVDF or Tedlar® Film

Our gas sample bags are made from carefully selected fluoroplastic films and are produced under clean conditions. We have designed and built our own welding equipment to ensure seams of the highest integrity in these specialised materials.

Our gas sampling bags are manufactured in a range of standard sizes (1 to 250 litre) but any size can be made to order. The films used as standard are FEP, PVDF, and Tedlar® in 50 micron (0.002"). However, we can manufacture in most other film materials for special requirements.

The gas sample bag connectors are manufactured in pure PTFE and inserted in the bag in such a way that only fluoroplastic material can come into contact with the gas sample. We stock a range of standard PTFE connectors, but we can also offer a dual use Polypropylene connector for less sensitive applications.

Multiple use FEP bags can have a Kapton reinforced weld to increase life and larger multiple use bags are often specified with internal FEP scavenger pipes to ensure complete evacuation of gases before re-using the gas sample bag.

Tedlar® bags and PVDF gas sample bags are commonly used in vehicle emission testing for VOC's and where a robust non-contaminating material is required.

FEP gas sampling bags are used mainly for odour measurement, and very low concentration analysis.

As every customers' requirement is different, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team on +44 (0) 1285 762000 or email sales@adtech.co.uk, should you wish to discuss which film will best suit the demands of your application.

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