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FEP Heat Shrinkable Probe Covers

Complete chemical resistance & non-stick properties using an easy shrink on sleeve.

These preformed heat shrinkable boots in FEP are fitted by heat shrinking into place. These probe covers enable manufacturers and users of instrument probes to quickly make probes of any material resistant to virtually all chemicals.

Complete chemical resistance & non-stick properties using an easy shrink on sleeve.

Adtech heat shrinkable probe covers are made from FEP which offers the best all round material and shrink properties. They can be easily shrunk into place at 110 °C, yet have a working temperature of 200 °C.

If necessary, the boots can be supplied with the inside surface chemically etched so that the FEP probe cover can be bonded to the surface of the probe, although normally this is not necessary.

The total chemical resistance offered by these probe covers make them attractive for universal applications, allowing stocking of only one type of probe that can be used for all environments. We stock a range of standard sizes of FEP heat shrinkable probe covers, however, we understand that all of our customers' applications have different requirements and so we can produce custom sizes.

  • Size range 3mm to 32mm
  • Any length possible
  • Low shrink temperature does not damage sensor
  • Shrink on to any surface
  • Flat or domed tip
  • Completely unaffected by chemicals and solvents
  • Temperature range from -200 °C to +200 °C
  • Thermocouple, platinum resistance or thermister elements, capacitance & magnetic proximity probes
Probe Diameter - mm Cover Wall thickness - mm
2.8 - 3.2 0.25
3.8 - 5.0 0.30
5.5 - 7.0 0.30
7.0 - 9.0 0.50
9.5 - 12 0.50
10 - 13 0.50
13.2 -16 0.50

Round or Flat Tip Styles

All of our heat shrinkable FEP probe covers are available with a flat or domed end to suit the construction of the probe to be coated.

Plugged PTFE Tube Non-Stick and Chemical Resistant Probe Covers

Adtech can also supply any size of PTFE tubing terminated with a welded plug. Adtech have perfected a process for welding PTFE to PTFE.

Each plugged end is electronically tested to 10 KV to ensure total integrity of the weld. The benefits of plugged PTFE probe covers are that any size or wall thickness can be supplied from standard PTFE tubing stock.

Capacitance level sensors are commonly covered using this technique. However, these probe covers are not normally heat shrinkable.

FEP heat Shrinkable probe covers

Adtech also offer a probe and sensor coating service.

None of our customers' applications are exactly the same.  So if you're still not sure which products are right for your particular application, no matter how aggressive the environment, then contact our customer service team on +44 (0) 1285 762000 or sales@adtech.co.uk.

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Once an FEP, PTFE, or PFA coating is applied to your sensor it will offer the following properties: non-stick, chemically inert, able to work at elevated temperatures. The maximum working temperature for our FEP coating is 200 °C. For applications that require a higher temperature than this, you should select a PTFE or PFA coating, which will withstand 260 °C.

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