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Fluoroplastic Coated Probe Covers

Complete chemical resistance in temperature, capacitance, & magnetic applications.

Fluoroplastics PTFE, FEP, & PFA are some of the most inert materials known to man, and they also have a very high temperature resistance for polymeric materials. This means that they are ideal materials for the protection of sensors in applications where highly corrosive or solvent conditions exist.

Complete chemical resistance in temperature, capacitance, & magnetic applications.

Fluoroplastics are relatively difficult materials to process, but by using a combination of moulding, shrinking, welding, or spraying techniques, Adtech can provide a fluoroplastic probe cover of any length or diameter, without damaging delicate sensor elements inside. We use a variety of technologies to encapsulate measurement elements - typically thermocouples, thermisters, and bimetallics for temperature control, and also capacitance and magnetic for level & proximity detection. Techniques used include FEP shrinkable tubing, moulding, spray coating, and fluoroplastic welding. This enables us to produce probe covers from 0.5mm to 40mm diameter, and any length. We also encapsulate mercury in glass thermometers for shatterproofing.

As it is often advantageous to include the sensor element within the probe, we offer a complete assembly service and are able to source all components where necessary.

Advantages of FEP probe covers:

  • Completely unaffected by chemicals and solvents
  • Temperature range from -200 to +260 °C
  • Complete range of sizes from 1mm to 50mm diameter
  • Any length possible
  • Standard and custom designed constructions
  • Thermocouple, platinum resistance or thermister elements
  • Capacitance & magnetic proximity probes

Universal All Fluoroplastic Temperature Probes

Using platinum resistance (PT100) or type K thermocouple elements, this product is a temperature sensor element completely encapsulated in an FEP probe cover. The FEP probe cover extends from the tip of the probe right up to the wire terminations. The standard length is 1 and 2 metres, however longer lengths are possible - therefore, any immersion length is possible.

As the probe cover is pure fluoroplastic, it can be used in ANY application up to 200°C. It withstands all chemicals and solvents and can be made from FDA approved material for food and medical applications. It is low cost compared with equivalent products.

None of our customers' applications are exactly the same.  So if you're still not sure which products are right for your particular application, no matter how aggressive the environment, then contact our customer service team on +44 (0) 1285 762000 or sales@adtech.co.uk.

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Once a fluoropolymer coating is applied to your sensor, it will offer the following properties: non-stick, chemically inert, able to work at elevated temperatures. The maximum working temperature for our FEP coating is 200 °C. For applications that require a higher temperature than this, you should select a PTFE or PFA coating, which will withstand 260 °C.

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