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The use of fluoropolymers in the fluidic industries

Today, virtually every industry will use fluidics to accomplish various tasks. Fluidics is the technology of using liquid and gases to operate a control system. It can be broken down into 2 types: Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

Hydraulics is the technology of using pressurized liquid to transmit force and energy. Pneumatics is the technology of using pressurized gases to transmit force and energy.

Here at Adtech, we supply a wide range of fluoropolymers to partners working in this market.

Are you utilising fluidics?

Though most of us do not realise, we are surrounded by systems that use hydraulics and pneumatics on a daily basis.

Hydraulics, for example, are used to power lifts, and heavy machinery such as cranes and forklifts. If you drive a car, your vehicle’s braking system will be powered by hydraulics. Pressing your foot down on the brake exerts pressure on the brake fluid, emitting a force onto the brake pads and discs, causing the car to slow down. Hydraulic systems can even be found in amusement parks. Ferris Wheels, for example, rely on hydraulics to keep the ride in motion.

Pneumatic systems can similarly be found surrounding us every day. Exercise machines, bicycle pumps, vacuum cleaners, and even a dentist’s drill rely on pneumatics to power them.

Adtech products for the fluidic industries:


Adtech supplies a range of products suitable for use in the fluidic industries –


Benefits of our fluoropolymers:


There are numerous advantages to using products supplied by Adtech for your fluidic application. These include –

  • Environmental tolerance – resistant to chemicals, weather and high temperatures
  • High reliability – because our fluoropolymers are suitable in a variety of environments with no risk of damage, it makes them the most reliable choice of material in this industry
  • Cost-effectiveness – the high reliability, environmental tolerability ensures that our fluoropolymers will have low maintenance costs

We hold a wide range of metric and imperial PTFE and FEP tubing in stock, but we can manufacture bespoke assemblies if need be.

No matter how complex your application, Adtech can find a solution to help you. If you work in a fluidic industry and you are experiencing problems, or if you require a one-off application for use in this industry, contact our knowledgeable sales team on 01285762000 to discuss our products in more depth.