Fluoroplastic manufacturers

The use of fluoroplastics for environmental monitoring and testing

A clean and safe environment is essential for a healthy quality of life for the whole population. With so many factors affecting the world in which we live in, it’s vital that we frequently monitor and test the elements (such as water, gas, soil, pollutants, waste) that contribute to an unclean, polluted and potentially toxic air environment.

Day-to-day, these elements produce VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, into the air, which impact both our bodies and the environment. Health-wise, VOCs can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, headaches and fatigue. Environmentally, VOCs cause pollutants, the production of ozone and damage to materials and buildings.

As such, environmental testing needs to take place regularly to keep VOCs to a minimum.

Adtech manufactures a wide range of fluoropolymer products that can be utilised in a variety of environmental monitoring and testing applications. Produced in clean conditions to ensure zero risk of contamination, our fluoroplastic range is ideal for this purpose.

We offer:

Fluoroplastic tubing (in FEP and PFA)

Fluoroplastic tubing is used for collecting samples from the outside elements and transporting them into analytical equipment. Our tubing in FEP and PFA is ideal for this application, being non-stick, able to cope with wide-ranging working temperatures, and being chemical and solvent resistant.

Tedlar PVF gas sample bags

For testing gas emissions, Tedlar gas sample bags from Adtech are the perfect solution. Tough and economical, they will not contaminate the gas sample and can be easily cleaned for re-use. Additionally, they come in a wide range of sizes and can be designed especially for unusual requirements.


FEP gas sample bags

Our FEP gas sample bags are the ultimate choice for low contamination and easy cleaning. Adtech’s range of FEP gas sample bags are specifically designed for gas, odour and emission sampling where a very low parts-per-million (PPM) concentration is involved.

FEP environmental monitoring chambers

We are able to produce large-scale gas sampling chambers made from FEP or Tedlar. We make each chamber bespoke to each customer, given various demands of room size, chamber capacity and external fittings for each application.

If you would like to know more about the fluoroplastic products we can provide, and how they can be used in environmental testing, please do not hesitate to contact our expert sales team on 01285 762000 or email us at sales@adtech.co.uk.