Fluoroplastic manufacturers

The use of fluoroplastics for chemical processing

Adtech supplies to the chemical processing industry on a regular basis. At its core, the chemical industry converts raw materials (oil, gas, water, metals, and minerals) into over 70,000 products which, as consumers, we encounter on a daily basis. From fertilisers which support agriculture to the actual cars we drive, almost every facet of our life is made possible by the presence of chemicals and chemical processing.

As expected, however, there are a number of risks associated with the chemical processing industry. Because chemicals are inherently hazardous and a number of them are flammable, explosive, toxic or corrosive, it’s important for processing plants to use materials which can handle the aggressive manufacturing environment. At Adtech, we produce fluoroplastics particularly with this in mind.

Our fluoroplastics have a number of key properties which means that they don’t interfere with chemical processing:

Chemical resistance

Most importantly, our fluoroplastics are highly chemically resistant. Chemicals that the material is resistant to include, but are not limited to, acetone, formic acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, diesel oil, phosphoric acid and sulphur dioxide

Mechanical properties

Fluoroplastics have fantastic non-stick qualities – this is an added benefit in the chemical processing industry as it prevents a build-up of microbes and bacteria

Thermal tolerance

Adtech’s fluoroplastics are ideal for use in very high and very low working temperatures, and are able to withstand temperatures of up to +260°C and -200°C

At Adtech, we offer a number of products suitable for use in the chemical processing industry. These include:

If you need help with your choice of material for a particular application, or you require a bespoke component, we can help. Contact our expert technical customer service team on 01285762000 or email sales@adtech.co.uk for more information.