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Tedlar® bags for emission, VOC, breath and landfill gas testing

In critical environmental applications where contamination of either the bag or its contents must be kept to a minimum, our gas sampling bags are the perfect solution.

Designed and manufactured for this very purpose, our Tedlar bags are made from carefully selected fluoroplastic films and produced in extremely clean conditions.

For more specific applications, particularly emission, VOC, breath and landfill gas testing, why not try Adtech’s Tedlar bags.

Tedlar gas sampling bags & emission testing:

Our Tedlar gas sampling bags are suitable for the testing of gas, odour, automotive and landfill emissions.

Today, emission testing is vital for our health and wellbeing. VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as benzene, acetone, ethanol and formaldehyde are highly common but, if inhaled over a long period of time, run the risk of increasing your health problems. Studies have shown that exposure to VOC’s are particularly dangerous to those with asthma or a sensitivity to chemicals.

Landfill gas is a natural process, however in high volumes poses a threat to the community and the environment because it can cause fires and explosions. Automotive emissions are the main cause of air pollution worldwide. These pollutants cause smog in the air and respiratory issues in those who inhale excessive amounts.

That’s why emission testing is vital, and Adtech’s gas sampling bags the best solution.

The History of Tedlar:

Tedlar is the DuPont tradename of PVF (polyvinyl fluoride) film. DuPont is the world’s only producer of this material. It has a number of unique properties and can be used as surface protection in the aircraft, automotive and architectural industries.

Here at Adtech, however, we supply Tedlar more practically in the form of gas sampling bags. Tough, flexible and economical, we consider Tedlar bags to be the ideal choice for emission testing.

Why use Adtech’s Tedlar bags?

  • Chemically inert – will not react with or alter the composition of collected chemicals in your sample
  • Impermeable and abrasion resistant
  • Easily cleaned for re-use by gas flushing
  • Range of inert connectors for ease of use
  • Large capacity chambers – from 3-60 litres (but can measure larger for specialist applications)
  • No plasticisers – excellent aging properties
  • Wide working temperature range – from -70 °C to +107 °C

Adtech’s Tedlar bags come in a wide range of sizes and can be made with special designs to meet more unusual requirements.

To read about a recent case study, where Adtech supplied large capacity gas sample bags for a large-scale VOC testing project, click this link 

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