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FEP and UVC sterilisation equipment for the food, drink, and medical industry.

In an increasingly regulated and safety-conscious market, UVC sterilisation equipment is becoming more and more important. Here at Adtech, we offer a wide range of FEP products that are suitable for use in UVC sterilisation equipment.

Which industries require UVC sterilisation?

The threat of contamination means that UVC sterilisation equipment is vital in the food, drink and medical industries. UVC is the name given to a strong type of ultraviolet light that is used for disinfecting and destroying harmful microorganisms in liquids, food products, surfaces and in the air.

In the food and drink industry this is a necessary practice, as it eliminates pathogens and can extend the shelf life of products. UVC sterilisation, in particular, is widely used to disinfect drinking water, sanitize wastewater and sterilise food contact surfaces.

In the medical sector, UV radiation is used to sterilise hospital equipment, diagnose a range of medical conditions and even treat cancer patients. According to the FDA, UVC is the most effective radiation type for inactivating bacteria and viruses. With UVC technology, it’s possible to destroy 99.9% of bacteria in seconds, without the need for harmful chemicals.


The high strength of UVC rays means that most polymers are unsuitable when used alongside them. Here at Adtech, however, we have tried and tested a range of polymers over the years in an attempt to find the most suitable.

Our conclusion: FEP

FEP is inert to UV rays, which means it doesn’t absorb much UVC and as a result doesn’t become brittle or discoloured over time. FEP also ensures that the output of the lamp is not affected. This means that UV lamps can be shatterproof, ensuring a glass free area wherever installed.

FEP products for UVC sterilisation:

These FEP products are the most commonly used in sterilisation applications – 

No two applications are the same, so at Adtech we offer bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

If you work in an industry that uses UVC sterilisation and you are experiencing problems, contact our knowledgeable sales team on 01285762000 to discuss our FEP products in more depth.