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Custom flanged FEP assembly for UVC Sterilisation

We were approached by a client looking to create a bespoke assembly for use with UVC.

Application - Water Sterlisation

The material criteria

  • needs to be inert to UVC.
  • have a good transmission rate, so the lamps output is not dramatically reduced.
  • ability to be reformed to apply a flange at one end and various bends along the length.
  • flange diameter required - 15mm nominal.
  • metric off the shelf size tubing, as small batch quantities required in the first instance.


  • FEP tube 4mm ID x 5mm OD is available from stock.
  • FEP is inert to UVC - it doesn't become brittle or discoloured over time, unlike other general purpose plastics.
  • Approximately 15% of the lamp output is lost when using a 0.25mm thick FEP tube or FEP heat shrink sleeving.
  • Flanging tools were developed in house by our R&D team, to create a 15mm diameter flange which is on the top end of what's usually achievable on a tube of this size.
  • 3 different angled bends were formed along the length of the tube, which enabled the assembly to be orientated within the equipment.

Do you have a bespoke application?  We have numerous processing methods so most design challenges can be achieved and our R&D team are on hand to discuss your projects.


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