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Case Study - PTFE Tube & Vintage Car Restoration

Well here's another interesting application for the Adtech 'Petrol Heads'!  Although we're a small team, we have several staff who are extremely passionate about all things motor sport and cars in general.

We were approached by an individual who is restoring a classic car (an HRG), and had a situation where a steering rod was rubbing against a brake cable. The answer: insert a few lengths of 3/4" and 7/16" ID PTFE tube

PTFE is perfect for these non-stick applications as it has an extremely low coefficient of friction and is super slippery.

The PTFE tube was fixed using jubilee clips to the mechanical brake cable, so that it is protected from the steering rod as the steering lock is applied.

The photo shows the PTFE tube in situ protecting the brake cable, the red bar is the steering rod.