Fluoroplastic manufacturers

Case Study - FEP Square Profile Components

We were approached by a client to create a rectangular profile component using a fluoropolymer.

Critical elements

  • High working temperature 
  • Non-stick
  • Thin wall
  • Good dielectric strength
  • Had to be made from a fluoroplastic raw polymer.

Project constraints

  • Only a very small batch was required
  • One off project at this stage
  • Price sensitive
  • Needed very quickly


We have a multitude of in-house processes, skills and tooling.   So rather than using a conventional extrusion method, that requires a minimum extrusion quantity, we looked at utilising our existing fluoropolymer stock.

We had a suitable tube available in FEP, so that ticked the fluoropolymer box and it was a thin wall as well, so double tick.

With bespoke tooling that our R&D team - Megan Snowdon & Karl Sumner made up in house, we were able to run our initial trials quite quickly.

By choosing one of our many re-forming techniques, we were able to produce a small batch of 50 off parts, which came to less than 5 metres of material. 

The customer was delighted with the solution and the project was completed on budget and on time.

We can offer all sorts of bespoke parts and are continually developing our processes.  So if you have a similarly awkward application/project please get in touch.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1285 762000 or email sales@adtech.co.uk