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Case Study - FEP Chamber for Environmental Monitoring

We were approached by UMIST to create a cuboid gas sampling chamber 3 metres x 5 metres from FEP 50 micron film.

The main problem we had to overcome was how to create a 3 dimensional corner profile and ensure the integrity of the welded seam.

To achieve this, we chose to support the FEP sample bag structure by using an external frame, which relieved the stress on the welded area.

By making the FEP bag section in two halves,  UMIST are able to easily adjust the capacity of the chamber, by raising and lowering the height of the top section.  Whereby giving them greater flexibility with only one chamber.

Adtech's chambers are bespoke to each customer, as the demands of room size, chamber capacity needed and external fittings vary for each application.  Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your particular requirement.

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