Fluoroplastic manufacturers

Case Study - Collared FEP Tube

We were approached by a medical device manufacturer to provide a custom FEP tube with a moulded collar of a very specific thickness and diameter.

The proto-types were produced in China.  At the time this offered our customer a cost effective solution to move the project forward. 

As the product moves into full scale production, they now wish to bring the business back to the UK, so they have more control over the quality and logistics.

The critical elements were the moulded collar as this has a very tight tolerance on the outside diameter, as well as the inside diameter, where the collar is formed.  Deformation to the size of the ID in this area is detrimental to the product, as the flow rate of the medium through the FEP tube is critical.

Adtech quickly over came these technical issues and were able to produce first of samples within a few days.  The project has moved forward at a pace and a volume order has just been despatched.

Our development team love challenges! As we have such a large range of metric and imperial sizes of FEP and PTFE tubing in stock we can usually turn these kinds of developments around within days.

Should you have a similar application that you wish to discuss, please contact our technical sales team on +44 (0) 1285 762000 or sales@adtech.co.uk