Fluoroplastic manufacturers

Adtech's PVC bags were used at WOMAD 2014 Festival

We were delighted to be asked to work with local Artist Neville Gabie.  Adtech designed and produced a bespoke PVC bag for collecting the breath of 1100 visitors at the 2014 WOMAD music festival.

Neville was asked to create an art installation for the event and his vision was to design an instrument.  The collected breath will then be used to play the instrument at a later date.  Watch this link for an update to the sound created!

Our brief was to create a low cost bag that was easy for the public to blow into, with a suitable mechanism to seal the breath within the bag.

Adtech designed a simple PVC bag with a tube connector and a sealing clip.  We have 3 HF welding machines and regularly produce bespoke components for customers throughout Europe.