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Adtech's PTFE Tube helps Billericay school children prepare a rocket car for the Bloodhound SSC land speed record.

Adtech were recently approached by a STEM mentor and Bloodhound ambassador from Billericay School in Essex.

The project is related to the educational aspect of the Bloodhound SSC land speed record attempt.

The rocket car challenge was initiated by the Bloodhound team and the cars use commercially available rockets – usually used for vertical rockets & are available from hobby shops.

The cars can be made of anything, they run down a steel wire and the only rules are, the car has to have 4 wheels on the ground and do a return run within 1 hour – so like the real thing the average is taken.

There are different rocket ‘classes’ – the current world record is 533 mph for the unlimited class!

As speeds have got so high, the emphasis now is to get the highest speed for a particular rocket size.

In Essex they have standardised on a B6 rocket, with a 50 metre cable and with a 2 metre timing gate at 25 metres.  There are about 6 schools competing with mainly year 8 to year 10 students aged between 11 and 14.  Each school has an engineering mentor and it's very competitive!!

The B6 rocket motors weigh about 16 grammes and produce around 6N thrust so every gramme of weight is a problem.  Hence the idea of simple PTFE bearings instead of small ball races.  The bearings will be made from PTFE tube 1/8" ID x 1/4" OD.

Billericay school are at around 100 mph with their first generation cars, the county final is in July, so they will let us know how fast they went!

Watch this space for the competition results!!!