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Adtech Bake Off 2018 - Third Entry

Adtech Bake Off 2018 - Third Entry

Yum!!  Our third contestant this week is Megan Turner from our client relation team.  Her offering was a chocolate and peanut butter creation, what's not to like!!

Plenty more bakes left for us to try.

Large capacity gas sample bags required for a large scale VOC testing project.

Large capacity gas sample bags required for a large scale VOC testing project.

We have recently supplied Tedlar® bags for VOC testing of in-cabin automotive components.  These needed to be tested for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and carbonyl traces at elevated temperatures.

The customers wish list was:

  • A large capacity gas sample bag suitable for VOC testing.
  • The gas sample bag needed to be open on three sides, so the components to be tested could easily be inserted.
  • The customer needed the ability to seal the gas sample bag once the components were inside.
  • The gas sample bag needed to large enough and robust enough for re-use.
  • The gas sample bag needed to be suitable for temperature cycling.


The design of the bag, material choice, orientation of the PTFE connectors and the closure mechanism was decided between Adtech and the customer, to ensure the sample bag was easy to handle and that only minimal stress was applied to the bag around the connectors, as the sample was to be taken.

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Tedlar® bags for emission, VOC, breath and landfill gas testing

Tedlar® bags for emission, VOC, breath and landfill gas testing

In critical environmental applications where contamination of either the bag or its contents must be kept to a minimum, our gas sampling bags are the perfect solution.

Designed and manufactured for this very purpose, our Tedlar bags are made from carefully selected fluoroplastic films and produced in extremely clean conditions.

For more specific applications, particularly emission, VOC, breath and landfill gas testing, why not try Adtech’s Tedlar bags.

Tedlar gas sampling bags & emission testing:

Our Tedlar gas sampling bags are suitable for the testing of gas, odour, automotive and landfill emissions.

Today, emission testing is vital for our health and wellbeing. VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as benzene, acetone, ethanol and formaldehyde are highly common but, if inhaled over a long period of time, run the risk of increasing your health problems. Studies have shown that exposure to VOC’s are particularly dangerous to those with asthma or a sensitivity to chemicals.

Landfill gas is a natural process, however in high volumes poses a threat to the community and the environment because it can cause fires and explosions. Automotive emissions are the main cause of air pollution worldwide. These pollutants cause smog in the air and respiratory issues in those who inhale excessive amounts.

That’s why emission testing is vital, and Adtech’s gas sampling bags the best solution.

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Testimonial - Fluoroplastic Tube - Motorsport

Testimonial - Fluoroplastic Tube - Motorsport

Dear Ms. Deverell,

All members of the UoP Racing Team would like to warmly thank you for supporting us during the past season

and above all for believing in us.

Our cooperation with your company was really amazing!

This email is a minimal indication of your praiseworthy and worthwhile act.

It is our honour for you to be a Sponsor of our Team and we are looking forward to our

cooperation this season as well!

Yours sincerely,


 UoP Racing Team

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS)

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics

University of Patras


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Testimonial - Fluoroplastic Tube - Technical Application

Testimonial - Fluoroplastic Tube - Technical Application

To whom it may concern.

I should like to bring your attention to the fact that I have now dealt with

Maisie Usborne on two occasions with an enquiry for a tubing application

which has been giving me a technical headache!

This member of your staff was not only very helpful in my quest, but went

out of her way to send samples of your products with which I could

experiment. Her polite, pleasant and cheerful nature was very evident and

the impression that she is very capable and happy in her job role means that

she is valuable asset to your staff.

If only more companies were as helpful as yours, this country would, I am

sure have a very bright industrial future.

I have been in the engineering industry all my working life, 60 years, as a

design engineer and know what it is like to survive!

Chris. (Retired Engineer)

Our R &D team is expanding!

Our R &D team is expanding!

We're delighted that Megan Snowdon has joined our R&D team, Meg's background was in the steel industry and she's learning lots about fluoroplastics and working with much more fiddly bespoke components.

Meg's appointment is part of our continual improvement plan for processes, quality and product range, as well as growth into new and exciting markets.

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Fluoroplastic Retractable Coils made from FEP, PTFE and PFA tubing

Fluoroplastic Retractable Coils made from FEP, PTFE and PFA tubing

The beauty of fluoroplastics is that they can be manipulated into any shape or size – which is extremely useful if you need to produce something very specific piece for a particular use. We often form fluoropolymer materials into sheets and tubing for bespoke projects. Yet there is another form which is also much requested by our customers: Retractable coils.

There are many different materials from which coils can be constructed, but coils constructed from  fluoropolymer  tubing (also known as retractable cables) offer unparalleled flexibility and durability. Retractable coils made using FEP, PTFE and PFA plastics are extremely adaptable, being chemically inert, acid and UV resistant, and with a smooth surface that germs just cannot stick to. They also boast vast working temperatures of -200°C to +200°C, while PTFE/PFA actually has an even greater range of -200°C to +260°C. 

Large and small retractable fluoroplastic retractable coils are extremely useful in many different industries. In the medical sector, they are often used for in vivo testing for the treatment of aneurysms and for the occlusion of blood vessels, while in the food industry, they are very effective for water-dispensing and UVC sterilisation applications. Retractable coils can also be used inside telescopic masts, and for all manner of electrical applications.

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Adtech Bake Off 2018 - Second Entry

Adtech Bake Off 2018 - Second Entry

This weeks competitor is Samantha Deverell with her coffee and walnut cake.  Apparently the sponge is 'very light' according to Charlotte Dainty.

What will the scores be?  The rest of the team are completing their score cards as I type :-)

The competition is hotting up and Karl Sumner is acting as score keeper and adjudicator to keep things fair and square.

Megan Turner joins our customer service team at Aston Down

Megan Turner joins our customer service team at Aston Down

We're pleased to welcome Megan Turner to our customer service team. 

Meg has been with us just over 6 months and is working through a training plan to learn all about our business and fluoroplastics. 

She's currently responsible for processing orders, arranging despatches, invoicing and quoting some items within our range of PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing.

Meg's ready and waiting to take your calls!

New Office Space at Aston Down Site

New Office Space at Aston Down Site

As our team is expanding in all departments we need more space. 

We have recently completed phase one of our refurbishment plan at the Aston Down Site.  We've started with the offices and the customer service team are now in their new spots!

We've made improvements to our IT system and now have more energy efficient lighting and heating in this area, so the team will be nice and cosy come the winter months.