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PTFE Tubing for 3D Printers

Several years ago Adtech started working with University’s and individuals as part to the ‘Rep Rap’ project to build your own 3D printer.  Since then we have supplied PTFE tube for this project at reduced prices and without stipulating the usual minimum order values.

The 3D printer market  is expanding rapidly and we are now working with more and more manufacturers of 3D printers within the UK and Europe.

Our PTFE tube has excellent low coefficient friction properties and therefore, is essential for the smooth flow of the plastic filament into the machine ready for printing.

We can offer custom pre-formed coils made from our PTFE tube.  This has led to the improvement of our current customer’s designs, especially with the recent trend for more compact printers designed for the domestic market.

We hold high levels of stock of PTFE tube for next day delivery and the popular sizes used with 3D printers can be found on our Ebay shop, for those customers wanting the ease of purchasing via PayPal.