Fluoroplastic manufacturers

Welding and Sealing of PTFE, FEP and PFA

Adtech have years of experience in welding fluoropolymers and the most commonly sealed materials are PTFE, FEP and PFA.

Our welding equipment is custom-built in-house, as fluoroplastics are extremely difficult polymers to process and often ‘off-the-shelf’ machinery is not suitable.  

We have two linear welding machines that are used to produce flat welds such as those needed to produce gas sample bags and 'boots' for shatterproofing UVC and UVA lamps.

To produce 'closed end' or 'tipped' tubes and profiles we have a technique for producing a 3 dimensional seal.  All of our sealed parts are either spark or air tested to ensure the integrity of the seal.

With our specialist techniques we can produce very specific tip profiles for applications where smoothness, clarity and thickness are critical to the performance of the device.

Case Studies

A medical device manufacturer approached us to develop an FEP closed end tube that had a hemispherical tip.  The tip had to be perfectly smooth, have a consistent wall thickness at the tip profile of 0.3mm.  It had to be heat shrinkable and chemically etched at the base of the cover for bonding.  The tip thickness and profile is critical to the performance of the device, as this controls the microwave dose that's emitted from the tip.

Every customers' application is different and our technical team love a challenge, so please give us a call +44 (0) 1285 762000 to discuss your particular project or email sales@adtech.co.uk

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