Fluoroplastic manufacturers

Adtech employ over 20 people at two sites - Stroud, England and Lochgelly, Scotland.

Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd was founded by Patrick Thody and incorporated in 1982 as a private limited company. Since our incorporation, we have been profitable and shown continuous steady growth.

We stock and are manufacturers of high performance plastic products, mainly fluoropolymers. The main backbone of our business is fluoroplastic tube production, of which we claim to have the widest ex-stock range in Europe. We also convert this into products such as heat shrinkable tubing, probes, custom assemblies etc. Our philosophy is to give excellent sales, service, quality, and technical advice.


Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd. Aston Down East, Stroud, Glos. GL6 8HX


The Avenue Industrial Estate, Lochgelly, KY5 9HQ.

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The product groups are as follows;

Our head office at Stroud is the main distribution centre for our stock of PTFE, FEP, and PFA tubing, as well as manufacturing of our PTFE and FEP heat shrinkable tubing, gas sample bags, manipulated PTFE, FEP and PFA tube products, bespoke fluoroplastic products and medical device components, including medical tubing.

In Scotland, we manufacture large diameter FEP heat shrink tubing for roller covering, UV lamp & glass shatterproofing products, and lined fluoroplastic products for the food, pharmaceutical, & chemical industries.

We are a very innovative company and many of the products we make and specialist processes we use have been developed in house by our own engineers.

All employees of Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd are carefully chosen and form an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, which puts service to its customers above all, and we pride ourselves on the high level of service the company provides.

Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd gained ISO 9002 approval in 1995, and now both our operations in Stroud and Lochgelly have ISO 9001:2015 certification.