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Innovative Fluoroplastic Solutions

We offer high-grade products in PTFE, FEP, PFA and more.

about adtech

Specialists in fluoroplastics

With over 35 years’ experience in fluoropolymer manufacturing, we deliver precise and innovative fluoroplastic solutions for your technical applications.


Fluoropolymer tubing and rod exhibits a remarkable combination of properties, from excellent chemical resistance to broad temperature capability, electrical insulation and non-stick features. 
Fluoroplastic tubes, including PTFE, FEP and PFA tubes, are designed to meet severe environmental conditions while offering the highest stability.


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Fluoroplastic high temperature heat shrink is the ultimate choice for applications that need high resistance to temperature, chemicals, solvents and UV light.
With a choice of shrink ratios up to 4:1 and working temperatures up to 260°C, the applications for PTFE, FEP and PFA heat shrink sleeving are limitless.


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With years of experience in welding fluoropolymers, we produce custom fabrications made from PTFE, FEP, PFA & PVDF tubing, heat shrink sleeving and sheet to your precise requirements.​​​​​​​
With specialist techniques, very specific tip profiles can be produced for applications where smoothness, clarity and thickness are critical to the performance of the component.​​​​​​​


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Customer Testimonials

Very good and professional service from Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd.

Customer survey // March 2023 //

Team are AWSOME!

Customer survey // March 2023 //

Dear Samantha and Adtech Team, Thank you for partnering with us and everything you have done to help us!  We appreciate all your hard work more than you would know!  Please take this opportunity to celebrate the project and our relationship.  Cheers!

Medical client // February 2023 //
On behalf of the team I want to thank you for the service you provided us with the FEP heat shrinking tube. Your prompt support helped us resolve the issues and avoid delays. We will gladly consider you for similar requirements for our LNG tankers in future.
Odd Martin Selvåg // Vessel Superintendent // Knutsen OAS Shipping
Thanks very much for sorting out the samples! Incredibly speedy and efficient.
Hugo Owles // Test Technician // Desolenator
I had found considerable difficulty locating such tubing in the necessary size, and was surprised and delighted, in the assistance you were able to offer. This gratuitous act of kindness speaks volumes for Adtech, and even more for the people they employ.
Bernard // Engineer //

Latest News

Adtech sponsors Chalford under 11's football team

Adtech supported our local under 11 football team based in Chalford by sponsoring their new football kit.

Adtech donates to 'Sunshine Wishes' Childrens Charity

Adtech are delighted to be able to support a Scottish Childrens Charity 'Sunshine Wishes' with their 2023 Christmas Appeal.

Case Study - PVC bags for motor sport

Adtech worked with a renowned Formula 1 team to produce custom profile PVC bags using our high frequency (HF) welding techniques.

Adtech Support Min/Max Stock Holding

Adtech support our partners by working to min/max stocking requirements. We take the hassle out of managing stock levels!